trouble & ninja,
while exploring today we found ourselves in an overgrown blueberry patch. the thick moss beneath our feet was soft like carpeting and the morning sun was filtering just right through the blueberry bushes. perfect opportunity to ditch the clothes and be one with nature. enjoy the long weekend!

Oh my gosh, so fucking gorgeous. Incredibly beautiful lighting and you captured your passion so nicely. I adore how strong his grip is on her body, and the wedding ring on his finger is so nice to see. These are definitely the best photos you’ve captured so far and I feel very lucky to have them be a part of SS. 

in Los Angeles
by Danny Lane
* this, to me, represents my favorite kind of picture of mine. I don’t know. feels so real to me. when I got this roll of film back and came across this one, I was like hell yea.

this picture deserves endless notes

Valerio Serpetti - Audrey Hepburn tattrx.com/artists/valerio-serpetti

Petter Solberg / Phil Mills, Rally Australia 2005